Welcome to the Organique ColorPro Contest 2020

This is a competition that offers the hairdressers their chance to show off their creation using Organique Professional line.

- Beautiful and hair stylist professional creation -



  • Submissions open from November 18 Wednesday until December 7 Monday @10:00am
  • Kindly send us your Complete Info:
  1. Full Name
  2. Salon Name (if affiliated with a Salon)
  3. Complete Address
  4. Primary Contact Number
  • For your Entry, please send us the following:
  1. Base shade level of the model (as can be seen in the “before shot”)
  2. Detailed description of your color technique, the placement of the color and the Organique Professional products used (shade numbers and developer strength)



  • White wall / background.
  • With good lighting.
  • No other models or props.

Photo should be:

  • Orientation: Landscape (Pahiga)
  • Without filter.
  • Without beautifying effects.
  • Do not retouch the photo, do not add stickers.
  • The photos should be new and taken during the duration of the Competition and using only Organique Professional products. Use of Cynos or Revlon Professional hair lightening (bleaching) products is allowed.
  • Entries may be disqualified if the Photo has been used in other brands not related to the Company, or if the Photo Entry submitted has been used in previous competitions.
  • No full body pictures. Send model photos from the chest up.
  • Do not send black and white photos. 

Model / Subject:

  • Should be above 18 years old
  • Should wear nude colored tube top.
  • Should wear makeup.

DO NOT use hair extensions or other props.

Hairstyling accessories like rubber bands and hair pins are allowed.

*By entering the Competition, the Contestant agrees that the photographs submitted may be used by New Summit Colors Distribution Inc. for social media posts of the brand Organique Professional. Proper credits will be given to the Hairstylist.