Revlon Professional® launches

The pollution shield for vibrant hair color.

Pollution is all around us. And while we may think we know all about it, we most likely are not aware of the full effect it has on our hair.

Skin cells regenerate constantly but hair shafts don’t: we need to protect them from external aggressors to maintain their condition.

Color precision is also affected by pollution: imprecise and unreliable results, loss of vibrancy, increased damage during technical services, chromacity and shine. 

Because color is at the heart of salon services, and hair quality a constant obsession,  Revlon Professional® has created a comprehensive range to answer the growing concern of pollution and its effect on hair.


Revlon Professional® introduces Magn±t™, its new and innovative line in the fight against pollution and its effects on hair.

Because pollutants surround us and interfere negatively with hair’s appearance, health and shininess, even down to its very structure. The metals already present in polluted hair will interact badly with the hydrogen peroxide needed in coloring and lightening services, generating free radicals that break the keratin bonds, making the final color unpredictable, unreliable and toned down.

After years of research, our scientific team has determined how to prevent the damaging effect of pollution. The Pollupl±x™ System is an advanced combination of chelating agents, antioxidants, keratin reinforcers and shield ingredients so that each product of the range has it role: neutralizing and repelling pollutants particles on hair, reducing the negative effects of poor water quality, reinforcing hair fiber and creating a shield to reveal the best color result while protecting hair fiber.

The range includes professional formulas and products for home use.




Tests have shown that the Magn±t™ formulas with Pollupl±x™ System are highly effective to achieve a predictable, vibrant and shiny color result, while providing protection and repair to the hair fiber and what is best: It can be used with any color and lightening brand!* 


Deeply rooted in the brand is the Revlon Professional’s color expertise and its love for vibrant expression of personalities. The continuous color creations and innovations are a testimony to this commitment.

The complete Magn±t™ range is true to this tradition: empowering bold color expressions by fighting the effects of pollution that stand in the way. #createboldly #liveboldy.


This range is easy to weave in any existing care and color procedure, in full or in part depending on the client’s needs and the expert opinion of the hairdresser.

After a simple hair diagnosis, the hairdresser will be able to advise the consumer on her specific needs, creating a tailor-made routine, critically essential in today’s context. The home range creates a link in between visits to the salon.  The conversation can continue on how Magn±t™ improves the hair health.

Discover Magn±t™’s power of attraction to maximize any look.